The Laser and Opto

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Systems for construction, house building, road works and mining applications

Laseroptronix and our staff have been in the electro optical area since 1977 and have a huge experience in this area. We operate in a small company network with about 20 people involved in the operations.


Laser levels and pocket alignment systems

Laser levels of several models for various purposes and applications. This is the system for carpenters and hand crafters needing a help to keep parts in level and on a line .1986 we showed the first own design of a laser level on a show and most people laughed to us and our stupid ideas. Now this is almost a standard solution for most professionals building houses world wide.

Line lasers with horizontal self leveling

These small lasers give a line as output and is self leveling. The laser is a bright 5 mW at 635 nm diode laser with adjustable output power. The laser line is pendulum mounted and adjusts itself automatically to a horizontal position. Built in batteries last for one day operation. This small system is ideal for floor laying and carpenters.

Line lasers with horizontal or vertical self leveling

This small laser give a line as output. The line have about 90 degree field of view and is bright for indoor applications. The line can be set in a horizontal or vertical position and is self leveling by a pendulum mechanism. Built in batteries last for one day operation. This is the perfect tool for indoor interior work by carpenters and floor layers.

Laser pointers and aiming systems

Laser pointers is not only a toy. It is a useful tool for engineers, carpenters, plumbers m and architects.
Often in discussions you have to point at a given point and then a laser pointer is very useful. Here you put the red or green dot on the place you want to discuss and everyone around understands easily what you want to explain.

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